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The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory located in the western Caribbean one hour south of Miami, Florida. This small country, consisting of three tropical islands, has benefitted from an affluent history to become one of the world’s leading financial centers and a popular tourist destination.

Beautiful, clean, safe and modern, the Cayman Islands are an ideal mix of first-world amenities with small-town sensibilities. A widely mixed international population converges with our affluent economy to support a wide array of services and cultural elements that give Grand Cayman the flavor of a big city with the practical ease of a small town.

Tourism and the extended financial industry form the basis of the economy which enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world. Cayman Islands laws and government are based on the British system. Due to its proximity to the United States, the Cayman Islands also reflect North American practices and standards in many areas.

Residents of the Cayman Islands enjoy tropical natural beauty, superb beaches, world-class SCUBA diving, modern services and infrastructure, a full array of dining, shopping and entertainment options, as well as a friendly social culture all in a vibrant international milieu.

Over 60,000 people call the Cayman Islands home. The population is approximately half foreign workers (termed “expats”) who are employed in many professional and service sectors.



Quick Facts

Time Zone
Electrical current
The Cayman Islands lie in the same time zone as New York and Miami but do not observe daylight savings time. Throughout the year, the Cayman Islands are -5:00 UTC, or, 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. The Cayman Islands Dollar has a fixed rate of exchange with the US Dollar at CI$1 = US$1.20 or US$1 = CI$.80. Both US Dollars and Cayman Islands Dollars are readily accepted. Bank accounts may be held in Cayman Islands Dollars, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British pounds sterling or the Euro. Cayman has only two seasons: the dry season, or winter, running from October through March, and the wet season, or summer, running from April through September. High daytime temperatures average in the low 80’s F during the winter and in the high 80’s F in the summer. Low temperatures average in the mid-70’s F. Temperature is measured in Fahrenheit, distance is recorded in miles, weight and quantity follow American measures, gas is sold by the Imperial gallon. Electrical outlets follow American standards.