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Meet Our Agents

Personalised, knowledgeable and trusted real estate solutions.

Cayman Broker - Kerri Kanuga, BROKER/OWNER

Kerri has been a leading sales agent in the Cayman Islands market for over 15 years. Kerri’s numerous sales awards are a compelling demonstration of her knowledge and...

Kerri Kanuga 345-916-7020 kerri@tridentproperties.ky Contact Now
Cayman Agent - David Gordon, Sales Associate

With more than ten years’ experience in relationship management at one of Cayman’s largest class A banks, David has extensive expertise in assisting clients with...

David Gordon 345-526-2236 david@tridentproperties.ky Contact Now
Cayman Agent - Olson Anderson, SALES REPRESENTATIVE

Olson's insight into both the real estate market and Cayman's heritage is founded on decades of experience. He has a natural rapport with people and his professional...

Olson Anderson 345-925-1482 olson@tridentproperties.ky Contact Now
Cayman Agent - Ruthanna M. Young, SALES REPRESENTATIVE

Ruthanna combines a dynamic history in hospitality and sales to support her clients in finding their perfect property....

Ruthanna Young 345-324-1565 ruthanna@tridentproperties.ky Contact Now
Cayman Agent - Megan Thompson, SALES REPRESENTATIVE

Born in Cayman, Megan began her real estate career with the drive to promote the beauty of living in paradise. A graduate from Johnson & Wales, where she manifested her...

Megan Thompson 345-936-8085 megan@tridentproperties.ky Contact Now
Cayman Agent - Chaz Clifford, SALES REPRESENTATIVE

Born and raised in Grand Cayman he has lived in the Cayman Islands all his life, Chaz brings along a vast knowledge of Cayman history with a keen interest in the real estate and...

Chaz Clifford 345-929 – 3048 chaz@tridentproperties.ky Contact Now
Cayman Agent - Malcolm Eden, SALES REPRESENTATIVE

Malcolm was born in the Cayman Islands and holds an MBA in Finance. Malcolm has been involved in the real-estate industry since the 1990s. In addition, he worked in the...

Malcolm Eden 345-916-8076 malcolm@tridentproperties.ky Contact Now